Sunday, July 24, 2022

Well, All Right!

Yes, friends and fans, despite enduring possibly the worst two and a half years of my life, and despite the rather melancholy tone of my last blog post so many months ago..


When the work you've done for 32 years is taken from one, it's difficult to find one's way back.  I am happy and grateful to announce that my hometown theatre, North Shore Music Theatre, has offered me my first stage role in 29 months: Texas DJ and wise mentor, "Hipockets" Duncan in the spectacularly successful The Buddy Holly Story.

as Hipockets, with Kurt Jenkins as Buddy

You might recall that I played Hipockets before: in my first co-production with The Gateway and Ogunquit Playhouse, in 2013--nearly a decade ago.  I am so looking forward to the joy of bringing this bittersweet story of a musical genius to the glorious arena in the round at North Shore.

This production will be my fifth at this wonderful venue, and my time in Beverly, MA will be a great opportunity to connect with friends and family.  I was on the north shore not long ago, in June, for the memorial celebration of life for my beloved mother, Mickey Coburn, who left us on Mother's Day, May 8 of this year.  After so much grief, it will be a joy to return home to do the work I love. The work she taught me to love from childhood.

So I am back, folks.  I continue to slowly build my coaching business, The Work with James Beaman, and I am directing three--count 'em, three!--cabaret acts for singers Goldie Dver, Alexandra De Suze, and Becca Kidwell, all premiering this fall in NYC.  

My screenwriting continues, with my TV pilot, Wisenheimer, earning three laurels in recent months, including the top prize, First Place Golden Winner in the New York International Screenplay Awards!  The script continues to make the rounds and I am optimistic about its future.

So, watch this space!  I promise to blog more than once a year.  Stay strong, mask up, get vaxxed!  And let's move bravely forward into this next chapter of our journey.