Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bridging the Gap

"The actor's job is finding work. The fringe benefit of our job is getting to act." ~Samuel L. Jackson

Phew!  It has been months since I've blogged and I have no real excuse except that I had such a darn good time this summer doing "Guys and Dolls"--and since then have been struggling to get to whatever the next thing is.  But first things first.

There is nothing grander than getting to play one of your dream parts.  I've had that opportunity several times in the past few years and no one recognizes my dumb luck more than I do!  This summer, in my debut season at Maine State Music Theatre, I got to play probably the greatest comic lead in musical theatre--Nathan Detroit.

With Charis Leos, "Guys and Dolls"
The production was a joy, a sellout, a rapturous time in a beautiful place with wonderful artists!  My biggest advantage was playing opposite MSMT's resident character actress, the superb Charis Leos as Miss Adelaide. Charis and I are kindred spirits: we share a powerful work ethic, and similar (and shameless) comedic instincts.  Our partnership on stage was sheer alchemy and I loved working with her.  Getting to do Nathan as I always envisioned him--thanks to the freedom offered me by my director, DJ Salisbury--was so rewarding.

James Beaman is a lovable Nathan Detroit - a small time gangster with a big heart, an ironic sense of humor, and a wily knack for survival. Feckless as his character is, Beaman is so engaging that one understands why Adelaide is smitten, and he delivers the vocal goods in his two numbers, especially the duet "Sue Me." ~BroadwayWorld

As is the way of this crazy roller coaster career, I returned in the dead of summer to New York City and the slow time before audition season begins.  And it has been slooooowww.  As of this writing I've been back almost seven weeks and have had maybe a half dozen auditions.  And thus far, the next part has not appeared.  So what do you do?  You seek out other ways to be creative and generate income.

I was fortunate in having an opportunity come to me this summer, when Matthew Corozine Studio, where I have studied acting, invited me to become an Artist in Residence.  MCS has expanded their space on 36th Street into a second studio and I have the opportunity to create workshops and to coach actors in this new space.  This fall I will present my first ever four week immersion course in Shakespeare text work, "Decoding Shakespeare."  This class will give actors the tools for breaking down Shakespeare's language--learning to work with blank verse, rhetorical forms, and archaic words to create powerful, clear acting choices. 

Decoding Shakespeare, Thursdays 6-8PM, October 19 & 26, November 2 & 9
Matthew Corozine Studio, 357 West 36th Street, Suite 203

For information and to enroll, go to the MCS site via this link.

I am excited to launch this new venture!  I have also begun the creative work of directing a debut cabaret act for talented singer and actress, Sierra Rein.  Sierra will premiere this show in early 2018.  Stay tuned for more on this project!

Directing, coaching, teaching... these are all creative areas that I love to work in and I hope to find more and more balance between these and my acting career, to create more flow and continuity for earning and for advancing my voice as an artist.  Next time I blog, I hope to be able share the next great part that awaits me!