Friday, October 19, 2018

Another Birthday Approaches

Mea culpa, dear reader.

I have been a negligent blogger since the wonderful rush of playing Captain Hook this summer.  These periods of uncertainty and flux are always a challenge for us actors.

A week from now will bring the occasion of my 53rd birthday, falling in my 25th year in New York City.  It feels like a moment to regroup, reassess, and look to the horizon.

I hit the city at the end of July, still buzzing from my adventures in Neverland, and launched into audition season.  There were quite a few opportunities, but nothing really clicked.

I did, however, get to enjoy taking part in the first full production of Kit Goldstein Grant's "The Wrong Box."  This rollicking musical black comedy was part of the Dream Up Festival at Theatre for the New City and it was a grass roots affair--shoestring budget, wild and woolly festival atmosphere--but a delightful group of artists and a smart and clever director in Michael Chase Gosselin.

Cast of "The Wrong Box." (photo: Jeremy Daniel)

"A plot that is dark and comical but not necessarily funny, with characters who are wacky and unpredictable but all who become very familiar, "The Wrong Box" is an incredibly clever piece of theater that definitely gives the audience a run for its money (pun intended)." ~Kristen Morale, BroadwayWorld

With the merry hi-jinks of "The Wrong Box" over, I embarked on a series of fascinating short term jobs: Emcee of an event to launch the new line of Harry Winston jewelry at The Rainbow Room; Speaking to the Audition Bootcamp participants from Goodspeed Musicals; performing in a concept video for a spectacular new show for a European resort.  I launched my new Facebook audition coaching page, boosting my visibility and attracting talented new clientele. 

My screenwriting took on a new dimension when I completed work on a new short film script, "T," which explores the shadow life of a gay man getting hooked on crystal meth and sex.  The script has been awarded 3rd Place Winner in the 2018 Big Apple Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition!  Awards take place November 3. 

I continue to submit my feature, "The Girl in Green," to various contests and work with my producing partners at Changing Film to move it toward next steps.  The screenplay finished in the top 10% for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the industry's most prestigious screenwriting fellowship.

Diversification.  Creativity.  And good old fashioned survival skills.  The order of the day as I embark on my 54th year on this old planet.  

One last thing: PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6! So much is at stake for all of us.