Friday, May 11, 2012


Louise Pitre as Mame with the company in "It's Today!"  Photo: Diane Sobolewski
"Mame" can't be all flash or caustic wit, nor can it be overly sentimental. A successful needs a director who almost instinctively knows how to balance each of these components as well as a leading lady who is capable of suggesting the seriousness at the heart of her character's "live life to the fullest" message. Luckily, this Goodspeed production has both.
~ Andrew Beck, Hartford Arts Examiner
"Mame" is about the central philosophy of the title character: "Life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." And there's plenty of life to be had at Goodspeed for audiences to sample or gorge on as they see fit.

~Christopher Caggiano, Theatermania

We opened our show to the press on May 9, and so far, as you can see, the response has been positive.  We are all very excited too about the audience reception for the show which has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.  So much so, that word of mouth alone has boosted box office, and we are now extended to July 7.  All of us are looking forward to enjoying the next nine weeks of our run.

Lots of photos, teaser videos, and more are available for viewing at the Goodspeed website.  Additionally, you can enjoy a radio interview I gave this week about "Mame" along with our Vera Charles, the stellar Judy Blazer, by clicking the link here.  

Spring has been a mixed bag of weather out here in the Connecticut River Valley, but all the rain has brought a riot of blossoms, color and greenery.  Always a treat to watch the seasons change in this beautiful part of Connecticut.  I am making my plans for the summer, visits with family, a beach getaway, my annual trip to DC to do Bootleg Shakespeare with Taffety Punk Theatre Company at the Folger, and continuing the search for the next great acting opportunity.  Wishing you a glorious Spring and a sensational summer to come.